Tuesday, June 17, 2014

2014 Illinois Rt. 66 Motor Tour-- Part 2: 'Dem Monster Tacos

Just a fast-forward through it.

JUNE 11TH, 2014:

MONSTER TACOS ARE BACK!!!  We spent last night at the Super 8 in Sullivan, Missouri and this morning had lunch at Jack's, formerly-known as Jack-In-the-Box.  We love their tacos (2 for $1).  Sullivan is the farthest west from St. Louis that there are Jack's, so it is always a stop.

And, we were even happier to find that their late-great Monster Tacos ($1 each) are back!!!  That is by far Liz's favorite.  They also have a Monster Breakfast Taco for $1.49 which is also very tasty.

Well, that sure made our day.

NATIONAL FAST FOOD CHAINS:  Now, we usually like eating at local and mom and pop restaurants, but when there is a national chain that we like and which doesn't have stores near us, it is ok to go there, hence Jack's.

MOTHER ROADING IT AGAIN:  What we were really looking forward to today was actually cruising Route 66 from Sullivan to Lebanon in Missouri.  If we had to pick a favorite Route 66 state, it would be Missouri (followed closely by Illinois).  Yesterday was almost all interstate.

But Today the Fun Starts.  --RoadDog.

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