Friday, June 20, 2014

2014 Illinois Route 66 Motor Tour-- Part 3: Missouri

MIGHT AS WELL:  We figured that as long as were were going to be at St. Louis for the start of the motor tour, we might as well cruise on out to Lebanon and enjoy Route 66 beforehand.

MUCH BETTER SIGNAGE:  With just a few exceptions (most likely where signage has been "procured" by someone) you can drive Route 66 in Missouri without a map.  That makes for enjoyable driving.  Hopefully this signage will eventually be that way in all the other states besides Illinois which was the first to have Historic Route 66 signs.  Illinois' signs are brown and Missouri's are blue.

MISSED JOHN'S BUT CAUGHT THE TRAIL:  We were on one of those few unmarked stretches of 66 in Missouri when we ended up back on I-44 and looking back, saw Vernelle's Motel, so we missed John's Modern Cabins.  But, we did double back and see the Trail of Tears folk art place which is certainly looking worse for wear now.


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