Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Taking Advantage of Indian Summer: Andy Gump Would Be So Proud

After a really crummy four days of rain and wind from Thursday to Sunday, the good weather has returned in what we call Indian Summer, one last romp in the sun. //// We've been boating the last two days and are heading out again in a few minutes. //// The trees have started to change big-time in our subdivision in Spring Grove so yesterday after we got off the boat, we took a ride up to Wisconsin and drove around that beautiful Geneva Lake, but it is at least a week away from prime fall color. A few trees had changed, but most hadn't. We'll go again next week. //// We did eat lunch out at Flatiron Park in Lake Geneva at the east end of the lake near the Riviera Docks and had a great view. The park features the statue of Andy Gump. He was the first daily cartoon carried in the Chicago Tribune back in the early 1900s. His creator lived in Lake Geneva. //// No Chin Andy. --RoadDog

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