Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Burnsville, NC a Treat-- Part 2: Mountains, Quilts, Sculptures and Murals

Burnsville likes to tout the stuff they already have. Of course, there are the mountains and a great view of NC's Mount Mitchell and there are 17 peaks in Yancey County that are more than 6,000 feet tall. //// There are also the squares, quilts from 4-foot wide to 8 feet all over downtown. The one at Heritage Lumber resembles a circular saw. Burnsville Hosiery's are socks arranged in a star and many regard the one at the Yamcey Common Times Journal as the best as it tells time (accurate to within six seconds). There are more than 200 of them in Yancey and Mitchell counties, each one different. You can get a map of Quilt Trails in western NC for $5. //// There are also murals and sculptures in Burnsville. More than 500 artists live in Yancey County, one of the highest concentrations in the United States. /// The Nu-Wray Inn sits on the square in Burnsville and has been there since 1833, but is no longer lodging. The town is pretty-much closed down by 10 PM (I can tell you Mt. Airy, NC's downtown, Andy Griffith's hometown, closes by 6 PM on Saturday night). And, you can get a drink in the county now as it was one of the last dry NC counties until 2010. //// Sounds Like a Destination. I Imagine There Is Good Eating As Well. --RoadDog

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