Thursday, October 24, 2013

Small World: Another TNT's-- Part 2

Bob said that the food was great, the place crowded and you got to see your food prepared right in front of you. The clientelle is always friendly as are the owners and workers. The name TNT, however, still hadn't made an impression on me. //// We took seats at the counter and ordered. I had a hankering for the corned beef hash and eggs for $5.99 and Bob got a humongous omelet for $6.99. //// That corned beef hash was the best I've ever eaten along with the sourdough toast to sop up my overeasy eggs. //// All of a sudden, the name TNT's hit me. I asked the waitress what it stood for and she said, "Tina and Tasso's." It all came back to me then. //// I said, "There used to be one in Antioch that my wife and I really enjoyed." //// She replied that they were one and the same and that she used to work there. Usually, the owners come in by now, but had not arrived by the time we left as I sure would have liked to have said hi. //// As the saying goes, "I'll Be Back." --RoadDog

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