Tuesday, October 22, 2013

10 of America's Oldest Eateries-- Part 4: The Pirates' House

THE PIRATES' HOUSE, SAVANNAH, GEORGIA //// A 1734 brick gardener's house, built shortly after the first English colonists, led by James Oglethorpe arrived, serves as two of the restaurant's 15 dining rooms in the restaurant located one block from the Savannah River. //// In the 1750s, the gardener's house became a tavern and inn frequented by seafarers and pirates. Today, you can see wooden-pegged, rough-hewn ceiling beams and rare editions of the book Treasure Island, which contain references to the inn. //// Popular menu items are southern food and, of course, seafood. //// My sister lives by Savannah, so next time there I'll have to visit. //// A Little Bit of the South in Your Mouth. --RoadDog

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