Wednesday, October 23, 2013

10 of America's Oldest Eateries-- Part 5: Old Talbott Tavern

OLD TALBOT TAVERN, BARDSTOWN, KENTUCKY: Opened its doors in 1779 as astagecoach stop and for years has been offering food, drink and a shelter in its noted Flemish stonework. Famous guests have included Daniel Boone and steamboat inventor John Fitch. //// The most-requested menu item is the Hot Brown sandwich, made of bread topped with sliced ham and turkey, Mornay sauce and garnished with tomato and bacon. //// A chef who worked at Louisville's Brown Hotel during the 1920s when the sandwich was invented, brought the creation to the Old Talbott. Fried chicken, steaks and saefood also are offered. //// The most popular beverage is, unsurprisingly, Kentucky bourbon, served at the world's oldest bourbon bar. //// I was fortunate to eat at this place thanks to an American Road Magazine tour put together by Denny Gibson and the Road Maven. That sandwich WAS EVERY BIT AS GOOD as it sounds. I'm hoping to get back there sometime. //// Good Eating With Just a "Bit" of History. --RoadDog

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