Thursday, October 10, 2013

NC Bound Fall 2013-- Part 4: Creed Bratton

Driving south on Il-47, I heard a commercial for a guy named Creed Bratton who was going to be at one of the local gambling casinos in the area. But what really got my attention was that he was on the sitcom TV show "The Office" and had played in one of my favorite 60s bands, the Grass Roots. That would have to be a great show. //// I'd never heard of him before and the only Grass Roots person I had ever heard heard of was singer Rob Grill. Well, I just had to look him up in Wikipedia. //// Creed Bratton was born William Schneider in 1943 and while a teenager decided he wanted to be in music. He helped form a band called 13th Floor which got Rob Grill in it and changed their name to the Grass Roots. They immediately had a Top ten song with "Let's Live for Today." Then came a series of big hits including "Midnight Confessions" among others. He stayed with the band for their first four albums before leaving over a disagreement with the band's producers over songwriting. //// He most recently was a member of The Office" cast where he played himself. He is the white-haired older guy. //// Wonder if he told jokes, played music, or perhaps a combination of both? //// So, That's Creed Bratton. --RoadDog

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