Friday, October 11, 2013

NC Bound Fall 2013-- Part 5: Johnson Mound Forest Preserve

I mentioned this place earlier on my trip to North Carolina for the fall. I've used Illinois Highway 47 many times and driven by the sign for this place everytime, but never stopped to see it or even look it up like I have now done. //// It is in Kane County, Illinois, and the mound in this case was not an Indian burial mound, although I did read that Indian treaties were signed on it as it rises about 200 feet above the surrounding prairie. //// It actually is a karne, a glacial deposit and is the highest point in Kane County. There was something about a prominent FBI tower either in the forest preserve or near it. I'm not sure exactly what this is about. //// The Shabbona Elm Tree, hundreds of years old, once stood on the mound. It was named for Chief Shabbona, of the Pottawatomie Indians. Sadly, the tree died of Dutch Elm disease in 1972. The forest preserve was acquired in 1927 and was originally 97 acres, but is now 743 acres. There is a stone picnic pavilion on the summit. //// Thinking about checking it out on our way to NIU's Homecming tomorrow. --RoadDog

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