Tuesday, April 3, 2012

While on the Subject of Big Sporting Events

Well, I will be getting to see one in a couple months, some friends are taking me to the Indy 500. I am not a big race car fan, but this should be a real good time and a new experience.

Here are some Super Bowl Facts from the January 29th Parade Magazine.

** All that guacamole dip put out for the game, if collected on the field, would stretch from end zone to end zone, 12 feet high.

** 110 million gallons of beer sold.

** 1.25 billion chicken wing portions prepared.

** 11.2 million pounds of potato chips

** 4.5 million Americans buying a new TV, mostly big-screen, for the big day.

** 10.1 billion Super Bowl Spending on items from food to furniture, in 2011

** ???? gambled.

A Lot of Poor Lil' Chickens Gave Their All for the Game. --RoadDog

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