Thursday, April 12, 2012

We Lose the "Old Coot of 66": Ernie Edwards, 94

Tom Teague always referred to Ernie Edwards as "The Old Coot of 66." I don't know if Tom came up with it or if Ernie annointed himself with the name.

I knew this day was coming, but it sure doesn't make it any easier. One of the "True Souls" of Route 66 is gone.

Liz and I count ourselves fortunate to have met Ernie Edwards of the Pig Hip many times since we got onto 66 back in 2002, including one last time last year at the nursing home in Lincoln. Old Ernie was not happy to be there at all, but it was necessary at that time. However, he sparked up to his old self within a minute of seeing us.

It was always great hearing Ernie spin his stories and he sure had a lot of them. A short stop to see him always stretched to an hour or more and loved every bit of it.

I guess now I NEVER will have the opportunity to have one of those Pig Hip sandwiches.

One story I have of him was about five years ago when I happened to be driving by the Pig Hip and saw Ernie out there moving those big old split rail fence logs by himself. I made him stop and did the rest myself and I tell you, that like to get me. They were heavy.

We're definitely the better for knowing him.

But, That Was Just Ernie. We'll Miss You. Condolences to Fran and Family. --RoadDog

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