Saturday, April 7, 2012

Back to Hebron, Illinois

Yesterday, buddy Paul and I drove out to pick up our boats at the farm west of town and really close to the Wisconsin border. We left early with plans of eating at Kaitie's on the corner of Il-173 and Il-47.

Unfortunately, it was out of business judging from the white paper on the windows. Too bad as they have great food and I was salivating for an omelet. Plus, we did not get to see all of those pictures along the walls of the 1952 Illinois state high school champions, a real "Hoosier" story where a small school with just 92 students won it all.

Their town water tower is painted to look like a giant basketball. Plus, many light poles downtown have a basketball backboard with state champions on it and a local business. They're mighty proud of that team and rightfully so.

After driving all over town, we found that the only place to eat breakfast was Subway. Not bad, but no Kaitie's.

We had some time to kill so drove out to the Linn-Hebron Cemetery which was just a block from where we keep the boats, looking for the grave of Medal of Honor winner Elmer Bigelow who I wrote about in my World War II blog "tattooed on Your Soul." We were unable to find his grave, but I will come back and look again some time.

Quite the Little Town. --RoadDog

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