Monday, April 2, 2012

Getting Our National Championship Feed Bag On-- Part 2

6. CAMP WASHINGTON'S 5-WAY-CHILI-- Cincinnati folk rightfully take pride in their chili and you can get it five ways, depending if you want beans, cheese or onions. Camp Washington's chili has been branded "America's Classic.' And a big thanks to friend Denny for taking me there.

7. PICO'S NACHOS-- The story goes that in 1943, a group of US Army housewives went to a restaurant in Piedras Negras, Mexico for a meal. Out of most food, the chef heated tortillas, broke them up, melted cheese on top and added sliced jalapenos.

These are from Pico's Mex-Mex Restaurant in Houston where they crown it with cochinita pipil, or achiote-marinated pork baked in banana leaves.

8. TOMATO JAM'S PIMENTO CHEESE-- It can be spread over lots of things and is quite a southern dish. Tomato Jam is in Asheville, NC and they use fire-roasted peppers and green olives in theirs.

9. POTATO SKINS FROM SPUDLY SUPER SPUDS-- Our love of potato skins began at the T.G.I. Friday's restaurants in the 1970s. Most anything can be put in them. This Louisiana-based eatery has a range from cheddar and bacon to sauteed mushrooms, shrimp and Swiss cheese.

10. HARRY CARAY'S MEATBALLS-- Pork and beef orbs in Chicago.

I'm "Hongry" Now. --RoadDog


DennyG said...

Most have been some really smart people making this list;-) Related good news is that, when it reopens in June, The American Sign Museum will be just a few blocks from Camp Washington Chili.

RoadDog said...

I look forward to going back to the museum and perhaps having a 'lil chili.