Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New War of 1812 Blog

I finally broke down and started a War of 1812 blog Monday, bringing my blogs to seven. I was hoping not to as I TEND to spend too much time on these efforts. But, I enjoy doing the research.

Of course, we are in the bicentennial of the war right now for the next three years. The fact that most Americans know very little about it, other than perhaps the burning of Washington, DC, the Old Ironsides, Battle of New Orleans and, of course, the Star-Spangled Banner.

It is often called America's Forgotten War. I have to admit that I don't know a lot about it myself, but have learned a lot just in the last months.

For example, I was under the idea that Canadians backed us as a way to get out of British domination. Actually, they didn't and even regard the War of 1812 as their war of independence from the United States. They firmly believed that the U.S. was out to make them part of our country. From what I am gathering, this was the intention of our country.

You can now get to the blog at My Blogs on this page or, It is called "Not So Forgotten: The War of 1812."

Why Did I Start Yet Another Blog? --RoadDog

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