Saturday, April 7, 2012

Getting Ready for Boating Season-- Part 1

Yesterday, friend Paul and I drove out to Hebron, Illinois, to pick up our boats to get ready for the 2012 boating season on Illinois' famous Chain of Lakes. We have had a boat out on the Chain since 1985 and are on out third boat. We've had the 19-foot Bayliner for ten years now, having bought it in 2003.

Many of our friends also keep their boats out at the Hebron farm. It's hard to beat $30 a month for indoor storage. Thanks to buddy Dave for letting me know about the place.

The past several years we haven't gotten the boat out until June and last year not until July. That always makes it a bit rough to get out on the boat at least 40 times which we figure is the number of times we must go out to make it worth owning a boat.

So, Now the Boat Sits in the Driveway. --RoadDog

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