Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hitting the Road Around Here for Color-- Part 1

From the October 2nd Chicago Tribune "Hit the road for dashes of color" by Lisa Davis.

I really enjoyed this article and pictures since much of her journey was through area we are well familiar with.

Ms. Davis begins her trip on Illinois Highway 31 heading north through McHenry County (where we live). On several occasions, you see the Fox River. She suggests a stop at Glacier Park,south of Richmond and another one for sweets at Anderson's Candy Shop on Main Street, US-12, in the village. Plus, there is Doyle's located in the old mill.

In Richmond, go west on Il-173 (173rd Airborne Road) and west to Hebron. She didn't mention it, but there is the water tower painted like a basketball honoring the 1952 Illinois state basketball champions as well as the backboards at several spots also honoring them.

From Hebron, continue north on Il-47 into Wisconsin and then Wi-120 into Lake Geneva where she suggest an overnight at the restored 1800s Queen Anne-style mansion called the Baker House.

More to Come. --RoadDog

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