Saturday, November 19, 2011

"Injun Summer"-- Part 4: "' ever' once'n a while a leaf gives way under some fat old Injun ghost..."

Sadly, over time, the cartoon began to evoke anger as well as nostalgia. As early as the 70s, some readers (NOT ME) were saying the "Tribune was running an ethnically insensitive feature that misrepresented the brutal reality of Native American history...."

In the 1990s, Tribune editors decided to end the annual tradition.

"Still, the cartoon has a powerful hold over many Chicagoans. For generations of readers, 'Injun Summer,' despite its flaws, became synonymous with the magic and peacefulness of those last warm days of the season."

I'd love to have them bring it back, but at least in the context of the story, the Tribune ran the whole thing in all its glory.

Thanks Tribune. --RoadDog

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