Friday, November 18, 2011

Hitting the Road Around Here for Fall Color-- Part 2: Getting Your Swiss On in New Glarus

After Lake Geneva, reporter Davis took Wi-50 to Wi-11 to what she called a "very Swiss" Green County, Wisconsin. There were quite a few roads she went on in the process. She went to New Glarus and recommends staying at the Helvetica Inn at 101 3rd Street and dinner at the New Glarus Hotel's restaurant at 100 6th Avenue. They have polka bands on the weekends. I love polka bands.

You can also sample New Glarus-brewed libations like Spotted Cow beer at Puempel's Olde Tavern 16 Sixth Avenue which is popular because of its murals and ban on juke boxes. (Hey, an old jukebox featuring records is always a welcome sight to me.)

Then, there is the New Glarus Brewing where you can get some Spotted Cow or other barley selections that aren't sold in Illinois.

We've been to New Glarus, but after reading this need to get back.

Better Not Put That Apple on Your Head. --RoadDog

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