Thursday, November 17, 2011

It's Groundhog Day...Again-- Part 6: Shopping and Eating

The Midwest Magazine gave a list of places to shop around the square. I've only been to the last one, though.

SEASONS BY PEG-- Seasonal home decor and gift shop with all sorts of candy and sweets. As many as 30 kinds of hand-dipped chocolates, turtles and toffee. (

DESIGNS BY MAIDA-- Chicago designer Maida Korte brings her HGTV style of this home furnishings showroom (

GREEN BOX BOUTIQUE-- Local and ecofriendly goods in the gallery. Wines from nearby Salute Vineyard are $24.95 a bottle (

READ BETWEEN THE LYNES--An old-timey bookseller. The staff knows their books(


LA PETITE CREPERIE-- located in a Victorian home, the French bistro serves savory and sweet dessert crepes (

There is also a big collectible store on the square. I can't remember the name, but try to avoid this place as there are too many temptations.

Nearby is the Swiss Maid Bakery with some real great stuff. According to needle Nose Ned (Steve Tobolowski), one day during filming of the movie, Bill Murray went in and bought our the place and gave it to crew members and locals. Must have been after the great transformation.

A Great Place to Visit (and about 18 miles from us). --RoadDog

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