Monday, November 7, 2011

Technology and Me: So Sad!

I usually run any favorite comics in my Down Da Road I Go Blog, but decided to relate my problems with technology on this one.

This is from a Zits comic strip.

FRAME ONE: The father is sitting at his desk tip computer and turns to his son Jeremy (a teenager) and says, "Jeremy, what kind of new computer would you get if you were me?"

Jeremy, "Something less irrelevant."

FRAME TWO: Walt, the father, is now looking forlornly at his desktop computer.

Jeremy is walking away and adds, "Get a tablet or a smart-phone...anything but another clunky old desktop."

FRAME THREE: Walt is at the kitchen table and says to his wife, "I've just got comfortable with another obsolete technology."

I feel your pain, Walt, as I sit here two-finger typing away at my desktop computer. Only Walt has one of those slim monitors. I still have an old TV-type one.

So Far Behind Times I've Pretty-Well Given Up. --Road "Buried By Technology" Dog

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