Tuesday, November 1, 2011

America's Wackiest Motels-- Part 1

From Yahoo! travel "America's Weirdest Theme Hotels"

JULES' UNDERSEA LODGE-- Key Largo, Florida-- A place where you'll need scuba training to check in. Just $500 per person per night. Right.

DOG BARK PARK INN-- Cottonwood, Idaho-- Originally a giant beagle roadside attraction. The port-a-potty is located in a 12-ft-high fire hydrant. It's a B&B now for $92 a night. The place has really gone to the dogs. Wonder if they allow pets?

WIGWAM VILLAGE-- Holbrook, Arizona (others in Cave City, Ky. and California). From the 1940s and sleep in a free-standing concrete tee pee. Unfortunately, it was still too early to stop driving Route 66 when we passed by this one. But, I did stay in the one at Cave City.

BECKHAM CREEK CAVE LODGE-- Parthenon, Arkansas-- It took four years to turn this Ozarks Cave into a hotel. Big dehumidifiers keep the dampness at bay. From $450 a night. Too expensive for me.

Four More to Come. --RoadDog

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