Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Where Everything's So Dog-Gone Good-- Part 3: A History of Dog n Suds

My personal favorites are the Coney Dogs and the Charcoburgers. I especially like the charcoburgers on Thursdays at Miller's Dog n Suds when they are half price, 99 cents. Two of those and a mug of root beer, now there's some good eating.

The chain was founded in 1952 in Champaign, Illinois, by James Griggs. At one time, there were 850 sites in the US, but now its down to 18, three of which are withing fifteen miles of my home.

There are five in Illinois: Grayslake, Richmond, Ingleside (Miller's), Robinson and Love's Park.

Indiana has five: Lafayette, West Lafayette, Fort Wayne, Monticello and Indianapolis.

Two in Michigan: Montague and Muskegon.

And one each in Ohio, Arkansas, Missouri and Wisconsin.

Out local Walgreen stores sell Dog n Suds root beer and Green River liters.

Unfortunately, our Miller's closes at the end of the month, so must get one last fix.

Good Eating If You Can Find One. --RoadDog

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