Monday, October 24, 2011

Time for the Second Annual Lincoln-66 IHSA Football Showdown-- Part 1

The regular season's over for high school's here in Illinois after nine games. Glad to see my old high school, Palatine, back in it with an 8-1 record. Our local team, Richmond-Burton also made it with an 8-1 record. Round Lake didn't with its 1-8 record. Wonder why?

Anyway, it's time for my second annual match up of teams from towns (not Chicago) along the historic Lincoln Highway and Route 66. Last year, it ended up a tie as both roads lost all their remaining teams in the third round.

The winner is the the road with the last man standing.

A rough count of high schools along both roads reveals 19 for Route 66 and 8 for the Lincoln Highway. And, two of those eight are also on Route 66.

So, the odds against the Lincoln are great, but, we will see.

I'll let you know the teams tomorrow.

Who You Pulling For? --RoadDog

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