Monday, October 31, 2011

Too Late Now, Maybe Next Year:: Ten Must-see Fall Festivals-- Part 2

6. MADISON COUNTY COVERED BRIDGE FESTIVAL-- Iowa-- Oct. 7-9-- Nothing like a covered bridge secret pleasure. And with fall foliage too!!

7. MARSHALL COUNTY BLUEBERRY FESTIVAL-- Plymouth, Indiana. Love blueberries. Bet they have blueberry pie. Watch out for stains though. Dentist, "What happened to your teeth?"

8. WALNUT VALLEY (BLUEGRASS) FESTIVAL-- Winfield, Kansas. Sept. 14-18. And I like my bluegrass music.

9. HYDE PARK JAZZ FESTIVAL-- Chicago-- Sept. 24-25-- Not a big fan of jazz. Too much jamming.

10. ALBUQUERQUE BALLOON FESTIVAL-- Oct. 1-9. --And, on good 'ol Route 66. A can't miss combination.

Plan Ahead Next Year. --RoadDog

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