Monday, October 31, 2011

America's Five Most-Haunted Hotels

Just in Time for Halloween.

From Yahoo! Travel and Main St. By Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell.

Photos and much more information in the article.

I just wrote when it was built, where it is and a little about one of their ghosts.

1. 1886 CRESCENT HOTEL AND SPA-- Eureka Springs, Arkansas-- Michael, a young Irish stone mason.

2. 1812 BUXTON INN-- Granville, Ohio--Major Buxton, owner from 1865-1902.

3. 1892 THE BROWN PALACE HOTEL AND SPA-- Denver-- Louise Crawford Hill.

4. 1796 THE MYRTLES PLANTATION-- St. Francisville, Louisiana-- Chloe, a slave.

5. 1888 HOTEL DEL CORONADO-- San Diego-- Kate Morgan, a lovesick woman.

Would You Like Spooking With That Room Service? --RoadDog

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