Thursday, October 27, 2011

Doing the Lincoln Crawl-- Part 4: Tailgating--Sully's-- Lord Stanley's-- Pizza Pros

October 15th was Northern's 104th (?) Homecoming and we were up against a tough opponent, Western Michigan (actually expected to beat us).

TAILGATING-- After the parade, Liz and I went to the tailgating which begins at Lincoln Highway in one area and then extends to the Barsema Alumni Center and then all around Huskie Stadium. Lots of NIU attired folk. We got to meet the Dean of the College of Education.

We had planned to see the game itself, but there was way too much cold in the wind.

SULLY'S-- Decided to watch the first part of the game on TV at Sully's, Sullivan's Bar on the east side of downtown on the Lincoln Highway. This place was here when we were students, but we don't remember ever going to it. Nor have we been to it since we've been alumni.

Too bad. It is our kind of place and with an older clientele, probably why we didn't go there in our younger days. Northern was losing at half time, 15-13, when we left.

Some More Bars to Go To. --RoadDog

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