Monday, October 17, 2011

Route 66 Makes Front Page in the Chicago Tribune-- Part 1

From the October 15th Chicago Tribune "Foreigners' ultimate road trip" by Vikki Ortiz Healy.

There was a nice big photo of the Route 66 mural on the back of the Illinois' Route 66 association's Museum and Hall of Fame museum in Pontiac with John Weiss showing a map to two visitors from London. Also, there was a smaller picture of French tourists in Bob Waldmire's bus.

Pontiac's mayor, Bob Russell was there greeting the tourists saying, "There are visitors on the streets all day long. This has brought new life to our community." While many small towns are struggling these days, especially in downtowns, the old road is enjoying a great resurgence thanks to foreign tourists. (Everytime Liz and I have been on Route 66, we have encountered foreign tourists. We always talk to them and thank them for coming and give them pointers for "down the road."

These folk from foreign lands hear about Route 66 on travel programs, guide books and on the internet. Most fly into Chicago, rent a car or motorcycle and drive the length of 66 to California. Many come on organized tours.

What they get is a real slice of Americana with all the "good, the bad and the ugly.' as I like to say. Plus, there is a sampling of pretty much all the country has to offer in topography as well.

I Just Think It Is Too Bad Americans Don't Appreciate Route 66 and Our Other "Old Roads" Like the Lincoln Highway As Much As the Foreigners. --RoadDog

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