Saturday, February 26, 2011

Larry's Fault and the Problem with Palm Trees

Sitting out here this morning at 9:08 am with the sun shining, temp at 65 rising to 73, salt breezes blowing, gulls a-squawking, waves rolling in about 100 yards away, and trop-rock blaring in my headphones.

Thinking about popping open a beer, and if I do, it is Indiana Larry's fault. He who pushes the beer drinking time every day because, as he says, its five o'clock somewhere.

Plus, we're going to the Mardi Gras parade and party at St. Andrew's at 2 pm. Plus, sadly, tomorrow, we leave for the frozen climes to the north (after a stop at Orange Beach and Gulf Shores, Alabama.

Walking over to the Osprey for coffee, I noticed that every car parked under a palm tree had this tell-tale green covering from the plant. We sure have it all over our car, so now avoid parking under them. And, after I washed all the melted snow/salt off the car from our trip down. Nice palms!!

The Problems with Paradise. --RoadDog

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