Friday, February 11, 2011

Cape Coral Trip 2011-- Part 3


Sat out by the pool at the motel for awhile before driving out to Dave's Car Club's show at the Tropical Isle Elementary School. Lots of old cars, especially the muscle and Vette ones.

Went to R.C.'s where Tim came over on his boat and picked us up for a ride on the Caloosahatchie River. He had wanted to go over to Ft. Myers Beach, but it was too rough, so went upriver, past Ft. Myers and as far as the Franklin Lock and Dam.

Mighty rough on the way back once past Ft. Myers.

Met up with everyone at Hooter's and really chowed down. Came back and went to the Monkey Bar close to the motel.

Let's See, Old Cars, Boats, Wings and Bars Along With 80 Degrees. I Can Surely Live With That and Don't Call Me Shirley!!


troutbirder said...

Small world. I guess we were near Ft. Myers about the same time. I was mostly birding on land though. :)

RoadDog said...

We saw lots of birds out at the wildlife preserve on Sanibel Island.