Saturday, June 6, 2015

What About Illinois' Bobcats?-- Part 2

Continued from June 2nd.

Illinois banned bobcat hunting in 1972, after the population of bobcats was nearly gone.  Habitat changes and overhunting were the main reasons for their near demise.  They recovered because they became listed on Illinois' threatened species list from 1977 to 1999.  The state's bobcat population rebounded to around 5,000.

Last year, the General Assembly moved to lift the hunting ban on them.  The Chicago Tribune urged a veto of the bill and before he left office, Gov. Pat Quinn did exactly that.  Now, bobcat hunters are trying to get a new bill through the General Assembly to bring back the hunting.

Bobcats patrol the wilderness and don't threaten humans or large livestock.  They do, however eat wild rabbits and rats.  "Who doesn't think Illinois could use a well-fed bobcat and a few fewer rats?"

The Tribune urges new Governor Bruce Rauner to veto any such bill.

Give the Cats a Break.  --RoadDog

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