Thursday, June 4, 2015

Favorite Eating Places on Route 66-- Part 2: Illinois

Continued from Tuesday.  Illinois Favs.

RICH & CREAMY, Joliet--  Passed it many times but never stopped. One of these days.  By pretty park.

POLKA DOT DRIVE-IN, Braidwood--  Great food and love those statues outside and the revolving sign.

OLD LOG CABIN, Pontiac--  Has there ever been anything written about it that didn't mention it being turned around?  A real favorite.  great food and very laid-back.  We didn't have much luck finding it open the first years we were on 66, but have been there many times since.

PALMS GRILL, Atlanta.  It's been rebuilt and a great trip back to the days of blue plate specials.  And, leave room for the pie.  Come for the meal, but stay for the pie.  Just like those "good old days."

COZY DOG DRIVE-IN, Springfield.  I'll never forget the first time we went there.  We couldn't find it and stopped at a Burger King, got a frostee and asked where it was.  The counter person motioned across the street.  I hate when that happens.  So close, but no clue.

Not sure if I like the Cozy Dogs (don't call 'em Corn Dogs or get lectured) or fries best.

By the way, THE CORRECT WAY to eat a Cozy Dog is to slather on the mustard and then cover with onions.  Dog, batter, mustard and onion in every bite.  Plus, love the fries.  We catch up on our Route 66 reading there as well.

Ah, Give me Cozy Dog Now.  --RoadDog

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