Thursday, June 25, 2015

That's One Big Fish in Twin Lakes-- Part 2

Fisherman's Dude Ranch was located at 9665 Golf Road in Des Plaines, Illinois and opened in 1956.  The owners had a deep gravel pit they had mined and instead of filling it in, put water in it and turned it into a fishing lake.  The 12-foot high fisherman and 14-foot long fish were there to draw folks in to pay to fish.

Admission for adults was $2 and $1 for children, but you paid by the pound for any fish you caught.  Fish stocked included bass, walleye, catfish, pike and trout.  The cost per pound was anywhere from$1.69 to $3.99, depending what you caught.

There was an adjacent miniature golf course with a fishing theme.

As of 2013, the main lake was reported to still be there and some folks had sneaked in to fish but caught nothing.

It is privately owned now by a developer.

I'm looking forward to seeing the fish and fishermen at Mad Dan's.  We lived in Des Plaines from 1973-1974 and drove by the place many times but never stopped in.

A Fishy Story.  --RoadDog

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