Saturday, June 20, 2015

Bob Cassilly-- Part 1: "Worked With Junk and Hired Misfits"

From Wikipedia.  The quote above from the St. Louis Magazine.

After writing about St. Louis' City Museum the last two days and seeing a picture of its outside, I just had to find out some more about this Bob Cassilly.  Strange that with all my Route 66 knowledge, I never heard of the City Museum or Bob.  Might he be somewhat akin to out own Bob Waldmire?

The answer: probably brothers from another mother.

Wikipedia lists him as an American sculptor, entrepreneur and creative director.  That pretty well sums up Bob Waldmire as well, only perhaps a little more settled.

He was based in St. Louis and founder of the idiosyncratic City Museum which gets an average of 700,000 visitors a year and is considered one of St. Louis' major attractions.

I Know Where I'm Going the Next Time Through.  Then to Drewe's for a Concrete.  --RoadDog

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