Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Bison Calf Great, But What About Bobcats?-- Part 1

From the April 10, 2015, Chicago Tribune "Where the bison and bobcats roam" Editorial.

All happiness about the photo of the baby bison born recently, the first wild one born in Illinois in two centuries.  The calf was trotting behind its mother at the 3,500 acre Nachusa Grasslands prairie restoration project near Franklin Grove, 95 miles west of Chicago (and hence the Lincoln Highway connection).

This is a remarkable accomplishment.  An animal once hunted to near extinction and now back.

"The bison, along with magnificent apex predators such as black bears, gray wolves and cougars belong here.  They should roam Illinois' prairie and forest.  They're part of the wilderness that belongs to no Illinois generation because it belongs to every Illinois generation.

"Which brings us to another endangered animal that deserves protection: the bobcat.  Unfortunately, the General Assembly is again moving to lift Illinois' longtime ban on hunting these beautiful and furtive creatures."

Pulling for the Cats.  --RoadDog

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