Tuesday, June 2, 2015

News From Along Route 66-- April 2015

From Route 66 News site.  Ron Warnick goes into more detail and has many other news stories.  I am just writing about the ones of most interest to me.

APRIL 2ND:  Atsuywki Katsuyama of Japan  plans to retrace Andy Payne's Bunyan Derby trek.  It will be 3,400 miles from Los Angeles to New York City and plans to begin it April 25.  Here come the really sore feet.  Good luck.  He plans to be in Chicago June 21st.  Does anyone know where he is right now?

APRIL 3RD:  Kean Isaacs is restoring a 1920s gas station in Foyil, Oklahoma.  I love old gas stations.  Thanks.

APRIL 5TH:  A new Route 66 souvenir shop has opened on Santa Monica Pier in California.  It is in a trailer, but at least they now have one.  Liz and I were greatly disappointed when we got to the end after starting in Chicago, and there was nothing really there.  Hey, we wanted a frove the whole way license plates or a tee shirt at least.

Getting my Kicks You know Where.  --RoadDog

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