Wednesday, June 24, 2015

That's One Big Fish in Twin Lakes-- Part 1

From the June 10, 2015, Hi-Liter by Beth Croy.

The Twin Lakes (Wisconsin) Village Board has approved a request to allow a large fisherman and fish statue to be mounted on the top of Mad Dan's Restaurant.

The 14-foot-long fish and 12-foot tall fisherman are a well-known icon from the former Fisherman's Dude Ranch in Des Plaines, Illinois, which opened in 1956 and closed down in 1997.

Ken Perl of Mad Dan's said he used to fish there when he was younger and that its presence will attract people to town.

The fisherman weighs 350 pounds and the fish is 425 pounds and will be mounted on cemented steel pipes outside the restaurant.

Always glad when something like this is preserved.  Too neat to throw away.

Something to See.  --RoadDog

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