Friday, June 26, 2015

Indy 500-- Part 5: The Smells of an RV Campground

Continued from May 29th entry.

May 22nd, 2015, Friday

Once back to the TV from Speedway's Main Street Paul got the grill out and it was brats, Hebrew National hot dogs and Smoky Links.  Then some cocktails.  I tell you, sitting amongst all those RVs around eating time, with so much outside grilling being done, well, you can gain weight just smelling the air.

I went over to the American Legion (we are on their grounds) and saw a two-piece group called MLE, named after Emily, the very talented singer  She had a great voice and the guitar player also could really pull the strings on the fiddle.  Watched them for a couple sets.

Then went back to the RV and joined the others watching the NHL Rangers-Lightning Playoff game on Sue and Paul's outside TV.  Imagine hockey outside on a warm late spring evening.

Not Bad.  --RoadDog

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