Saturday, June 13, 2015

Ten Fun Facts About Disneyland-- Part 2

6.  TALLEST STRUCTURE:  Matterhorn Mountain at 147 feet.

7.  GOT TIME:  Look for more than two dozen clocks and other time pieces throughout the park that have the wrong time, or no time at all, including the one at Haunted Mansion with only one hour: 13 o'clock.

8.  DO NOT PULL THE ROPE:  If you're in the line for the Indiana Jones Adventure, pull the rope marked "Do Not Pull Rope!" [You'll hear a surprise.]

9.  THE JUNGLE CRUISE:  The iconic Jungle Cruise ride was inspired by the Humphry Bogart/Katharine Hepburn movie "The African Queen."

10.  MOST EXPENSIVE SOUVENIR:   Sold at the Main Street Magic Shop is a key owned by Harry Houdini for $875.

What, Still No Pirates?  --RoadDog

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