Monday, June 22, 2015

Bob Cassilly-- Part 3: "Worked With Junk and Hired Misfits"

From the Jan. 25, 2012, St. Louis Magazine "Deconstructing Bob Cassilly" by Jeannette Cooperman.

An excellent article about the man.  I particularly enjoyed the first paragraph:

"Bob Cassilly worked with junk and hired misfits; did everything to guarantee economic failure and made money instead.  he was labeled an overgrown kid without social skills, yet he jump-started two wrecked neighborhoods and turned a rotting warehouse into what's been ranked as one of the greatest public spaces in the world.  He set out only to please himself, and he managed to delight 600,000 people a year."

Sure Wish I Could Have Met Him.  --RoadDog

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