Monday, June 29, 2015

20 1/2 Cents for Gas!!

As gas around here in northeast Illinois slowly falls below $3 a gallon, there was an Old Picture of the Day web site photo on June 1, 2015, of a gas station sign from some years back.

The gas price was broken down:

Gasoline--  5 cents
State--  5 cents
Uncle Sam--  1 cent
City--  1 cent
R.R.--  2 1/4 cents (Not sure exactly what this meant.  Railroad?)
Agent--  1 1/4 cents
Me--  4 cents

Total--  20 1/2 cents.

There was a cooment that said that today, Me gets about 2 cents a gallon.

But, I Could Live With That Gas Price.  --RoadDog

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