Monday, June 8, 2015

Favorite Eating Places on Route 66-- Part 3: Illinois

THE CHILI PARLOR, Springfield--  Only eaten there once.  Chili was good, but I've had better.

WHIRLA-WHIP, Girard--  I believe we've been there once on an Illinois Route 66 Motor Tour, but didn't eat.

ARISTON CAFE, Litchfield--  A classic fancy eating experience at a reasonable cost.  Try to eat in the original room.  I like the loaner cheater glasses for us old folks who have trouble reading menus these days.

DECAMP JUNCTION, Staunton--  A place we've always wanted to visit, but it is always closed when we go by it.  One of these days.

WEEZY'S ROUTE 66, Hamel--  Right up there with Cozy Dog and Ariston.  Liked it when it was Earnie's and the place in between the two owners.  A real Route 66 place.

I Could Have Thought of Some Other Illinois Route 66 Places to Eat.  --RoadDog

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