Thursday, September 25, 2014

The "Two Muffler Men" Near Crystal Lake, Illinois

From Roadside

A follow up on the previous two days' posts.

These two muffler men, a Bunyan and an Indian, are located at the Greenhouse of Crystal Lake, a mile north of Il-176 on Il-31, west side.Both once stood at the Ozzi Waterpark and Go Cart Park before it closed in 2007.

The BUNYAN statue has no feet and has painted on black suspenders and a Bunyan hybrid beard painted onto his jaw.  His hands are standard and has a pair of planters dangling from his wrists.

The INDIAN has no feet and a highly detailed "beefcake" rendering on his chest and pants.  His hands are in a "brave" salute.

It is not often (I've never seen one before) that you see two of the muffler men together like this.  I remember seeing the Indian at Ozzi Waterpark the many times I drove past it over the years, but not the other one.


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