Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Ford Mustang Turns 50-- Part 4: His Mom Turns Into a Co-ed

***  The first Mustang that Ford built was not sold in the U.S..  It was sold in Newfoundland, Canada.  Stanley Tucker bought the only Mustang at his local dealer.  It actually was a pre-production model, not supposed to be sold.

***  The first known retail sale of a production Mustang was to Gail Wise of Park Ridge, Illinois, who still owns it.  She was 22 at the time and bought her baby blue 1964 1/2 convertible on April 15th, two days before Lee Iacocca introduced it.

***  Kids whose fathers bought one were really lucky.  Not only did their family have the "hot car." but also it had an impact on their moms.  John Hitchcock, whose father bought a dark-green Mustang convertible remembers, "It turned mom from a 33-year-old mother into a free-spirited co-ed."

***  Many Mustangs from that first crop were kept by their owners and then their owners' children as family heirlooms.

***  President Bill Clinton kept his stepfather's 1967 Mustang convertible that was bought in 1972.

"All She Wants to Do Is...."  --RoadDog

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