Thursday, September 4, 2014

Seven Interesting Conventions and Gatherings-- Part 2: UFOs, Blobs, Toilet Summit and Impersonators

4.  INTERNATIONAL UFO CONGRESS:  Earthlings from dozens of countries descend on Phoenix, Arizona for this extraterrestrial -themed conference and film festival.

5.  BLOBFEST: Celebrated every summer in the small town of Pheonixville, Pa., where the classic B-horror movie "The Blob" was filmed in 1958, starring Steve McQueen.  It is held at the Colonial theatre, which was featured in the film.  There is a parade and it was held July 12th.

6.  WORLD TOILET SUMMIT & EXPO:  This one is real.  Aimed at bringing sanitation and clean water to impoverished countries around the world.  Each year it is held in a different country.  But, it is not without its quirks like in 2011 when a $200,000 gold-plated toilet was showcased.  No privvy jokes, please.

7.  CELEBRITY IMPERSONATORS CONVENTION:  Of course, held in Las Vegas and brings impersonators from all over the world.  Featuring the best of the fake with plenty of Oprahs, Chers, Obamas and Stallones.  Maybe even an Elvis or two-three.

Flushing That Blob Away.  --RoadDog

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