Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Lake Erie Lighthouses Shine On-- Part 2

We had been out to the island many times before we found out there was a lighthouse on it.We found it one long summer weekend when we had won an extra two day stay at a hotel on Put-in-Bay and found that as much fun as the place is on the weekends, it gets a bit boring during the week.  I mean, there are only so many places you can go on  a small island like this.  We must have driven on every road several times.

Five days was too much, but we even saw Pat Dailey talking with some friends at one point.

This is when we found the lighthouse.

It is a red brick lighthouse with a 60-foot tower that operated  from 1897 to 1962 at Parker's point off Langram Road on South Bass Island.  Its light shone from early March through late December, the Lake Erie shipping season.

Its lens produced a fixed red signal visible for up to 13 miles from its bluff-top location and it never had a foghorn.

It helped guide boats on the southern passage through the Lake Erie Islands between Sanduskey and port Clinton, Ohio.


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