Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Road Work Ahead, 2014 Summer Trip to N.C.-- Part 19: Carolina Beach

After wolfing down my two Britt's doughnuts and drinking the paltry Diet Coke ($1.25 for maybe six ounces and ice) , I took a walk around the boardwalk area which consists of two long pedestrian streets, the one that Britt's is on and a closer to the ocean one to the east.

I first went into the building that used to house the bumper cars for as long as I can remember.  It is now a souvenir place, but still had that burnt electric smell from all those years folks used to bang into each other.  My brother and sister used to go on it every visit and it was literally "kill your sibling" time.  The harder you crashed into them, the better.  I would usually win unless they "ganged up" on me.  Then it wasn't so pleasant. (My worst-ever bumper car experience was at Great America, outside of Chicago, when I made the mistake of going on them with my students during a field trip.  To say I was "battered" would be putting it mildly.)

I miss the bumper cars, but still got that old-time smell, though.

I am happy to see that most store fronts have businesses in them.  For awhile in the past there was one empty building after another.  The city of Carolina Beach realizes the importance of a real boardwalk, sort of even honky tonk area as a beach experience of the past and really pushes it.  Once a week during the summer, they have bands and fireworks at a pavilion by the boardwalk.

Remembering the Old Times at C.B..  --RoadDog

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