Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor Day Weekend Here in McHenry County, Illinois-- Part 1: Don N' Suds, Huskie Football and Sad Sack Bears

THURSDAY, AUGUST 28TH:  I was introduced to Max, the new son of the neighbors across the street, born just this past Saturday.  I don't know how young couples can afford to live out here with all the property taxes.

Liz and I had intended to go out boating, but stopped at Dog 'N Suds in Ingleside for their Thursday special, 99 cent Charcoburgers.  They are one of my favorites.  Of course, washed 'em down with a mug of that great root beer.  We are lucky to have three of the last 7-8 Dog N' Suds right in the area: Richmond, Ingleside and Grayslake.

Unfortunately, while we were there, some mighty mean-looking cluds came up and we decided against boating.  Went to Menard's and bought some flowers and a new gazing ball to replace the one I broke yesterday.

Once home, went out to the gazebo and listened to the Voice of the Huskies, Bill Baker, call the NIU-Presbyterian game for the first half, but stopped when Northern was blowing them out (Final Score 55-3).  Went over to Tommy's and watched part of the Sad-Sack Bears stink up another game.  But, they finally did put NIU favorite Jordan Lynch in the last offensive drive.  They hardly used him this preseason so I doubt they will keep him.

Football and Charcoburgers.  Yes!!  --RoadDog

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