Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Road Work Ahead, Summer 2014 N.C. Trip-- Part 21: Honky Tonkin' at Carolina Beach

Well, not this time, but plenty of times in the past.  Maybe next time.

One thing about Carolina Beach, it has been able to maintain its old-time honky tonk place, kind of a Redneck Riviera if you will.  Lots of little souvenir shops (and at one time, no WINGS!!!).  Little grub houses and more than a few bars.  And, there was nothing at all elegant about them like you might expect to find at Myrtle Beach.

These were true dive bars, a little bit ragged as well in some cases.  Sand on te floor and not on purpose, folks tracked it in from the beach.  Now long-gone, at the north end of the boardwalk was an upstairs ballroom which used to keep cool with ocean breezes so the windows were always open.

You could hear the bands and watch folks dancing (mostly the Shag, of course as this is Beach Music Country).  I always wanted to go there, but was too young and by the time I got old enough, it was closed.

I'm thinking it might have been called the Atlantic Ballroom.  Maybe.

Beach Music City.  --RoadDog

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