Monday, June 30, 2014

Seven Days, Seven Bands-- Part 5: It's Thursday in Antioch, Illinois

Thursday, June 16th, 2014.

Drove to Antioch before the concert and ate at Culver's  (love those butter burgers).  Then went to the Farmer's Market and walked over to the Lakes Historical Society Museum in the old Antioch school dating to around 1900.  There was supposed to be a presentation on Lake County place names, but we couldn't find anyone there.

With some time on our hands, we took a one mile ride up Il. Route 83 to Wisconsin and stopped into the State Line Pub to check it out.  We've driven by it many times, but never gone inside.  Pretty small and could be classified a dive bar, but really friendly folks inside.  All of them liked our tee shirts.  Liz was wearing her one with the logos of Da Bears, Da Bulls, Da Hawks and Da Cubs spliced together into a new logo.  I had on my one which had the same things, but instead of Da Cubs, I have Da Sox.  Lots of comments on these.

Then went to the weekly It's Thursday festival area which is behind Main Street at a stage and saw Alex and the All-Stars, a high energy rock band featuring a female named Alex on drums and three others, including a guy who looked straight out of the sixties (with long gray hair to prove it) who could really wail away on lead guitar.

They were quite the high energy band and played a lot of classic and more current rock.

We found several of the Usual Suspects in attendance.

That makes five bands in four days since I started the "quest" on Monday.

Stopped at Tommy's on the way home and toasted Chicago's TWO LAST PLACE baseball teams.  Not many towns can claim even one last place team, but not Chicago.

We GOT!! Two, Count 'em, TWO Last Place Teams.  --RoadDog

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