Monday, June 9, 2014

All Hail The Chain's Newest Food: The Deckshoes (Horseshoes)

On Sunday, June 1st, we went to a newly opened restaurant/bar here in northeastern Illinois' Chain of Lakes.  It was most recently the Harbour Club, but now is Nauti-Knots.  We sat out by the tiki bar on an absolutely gorgeous day, enjoying $1.50 draft pints, the view and getting to know friendly folks.

They had one of those no-talk deejays who seem to be everywhere these days.  You might as well just have a free jukebox and save some money.

Anyhow, we looked through the menu and came across something called "Deckshoes."  beside it were the words that it was a Springfield tradition.  In other words, a horseshoe.  We would have liked to try one, but had already eaten.  However, another person came up and asked for a menu and we suggested he try it.  He'd never had one, but we described it and he decided to go with it.

When it came out and he took his first bite, his eyes lighted up and a big smile came across his face.  he then spent the rest of the time, and most of his food foisting his new favorite on anyone who came close.

We saw the owner who said she is from Springfield originally and wanted something special for her new place.

I'd say we have another convert.

Long Live Deck.. er Horseshoes.  --RoadDog

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